The AWDF sends a team to the FCI IPO World Championship every year.The top 5 places (at the IPO3 level only) from our annual AWDF IPO Championship is our team with 6th and 7th placements from our Championship as the teams alternates. Only IPO3 entries can make up this team.

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2017 AWDF/USA Team heading to Germany to compete at the FCI IPO World Championship

Team Captain: Vadim Plotsker  Co-Captain Heike Müller-Hamann12039672 10207720017858044 1543290268372875997 n                image1 

Mike Diehl - Gazze von der Kleinen Birke
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Tim Cutter - Ace vom Haus Tyson
20161104 2016 Nationals BA25335 . 2016 Nationals

Diamond Hansel - Mohawk's Scooter
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Frank Phillips - Kliff vom Floyd Haus

Dave Kroyer -Anton vom Fuchsstein

Jennifer Flynn - Moose von Hugelblick
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Natalia Balabanov - B'Aiko ot Vitosha
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