Nominations sought for 2009 elections
DATE:  March 4, 2009
TO:       AWDF Membership
FROM:  Bill Bimrose, Nominating Committee
RE:         Request for Nominations

The Nominating Committee is seeking a slate of candidates for the following positions: Vice President, Secretary, At Large Delegate, and members for the Events Committee.  If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please submit your name and a resume to a member of the Nominating Committee by April 18, 2009.
Bill Bimose
George Markos
Maugh Vail

Message from AWDF President Al Govednik
I want to congratulate all of our team members, who worked hard to make the trip representing our organization.  A special thanks to everyone who supported our team and the event.
Al Govednik, Yves DeClerq, Lyle Roetemeyer
At the 2008 FCI Event in Wavre
From left: AWDF President Al Govednik; FCI Secretary General/Permanent Secretary Yves DeClerq; and AWDF Vice-President  Lyle Roetemeyer.

From Michelle Testa
AWDF Secretary

Here's updated information on the people who have been selected to represent us at the FCI World Championship in Belgium.   Team Captain is Al Govednik.

Mark Saccoccio, AWDF CH 2008
Dean Calderon
Kevin Lanouette
Ron Fox
Ronny Burmer
Alternate: Pia Blackwell

Congrats to those who have been selected and best of luck to all.

June 11, 2008
In Memoriam, Bill Webber
bill webber

A message from Al Govednik, AWDF president

Friends and family of Bill,
I had the privilege of knowing Bill for over 20 years.  I considered him a good friend and whenever we had an opportunity to talk whether it was about dogs, or life in general, I absolutely came away with a better feeling about the situations we were discussing.   I could always get an open and honest answer from any question I asked, from Bill.

Everyone within our organization including myself are deeply saddened by Bill's passing.
Bill was special to our dog community and quite passionate when it came to his breed of choice the Giant Schnauzer.  It didn't take long to understand how much Bill appreciated the hard work and dedication his fellow working dog enthusiasts had when it involved the American Working Dog Federation and its' member clubs.
All of us within the AWDF, know and appreciate how much of himself he gave to the sport and I don't believe anyone who knew Bill Webber will ever forget his motivation, his drives, and his strong desire to maintain the working dog here in America.

Bill, it was an absolute pleasure to have had the chance to call you my friend.  I know you will be looking after all of us.

Al Govednik
President AWDF

First AWD title awarded
first awd title winner
Mark Chaffin (center) and his dog Jago became the first-ever recipients of an AWD title at the Mid-central Regional Championships June 6-8, judged by Mark Przybylski (right). AWDF President Al Govednik looks on at left.  Yago received his AWD1 with 100-92-96= 288 points and  10 courage, hardness and fighting drive points.


Nominees for 2008 elections
From Michelle Testa, AWDF Secretary

Below  please note the list of nominees for this year's elections put
forth by the Nomination committee:

*President - Al Govednik*
*Treasurer - Sean O'Kane*
*Member at Large (2 positions) - Glenn Stephenson*
*                                              Vera Reeves *
*Board of Inquiry (5 positions) - Carol Patterson*
*                                            Nia Cotrell*
*                                            Ron Marshall*
*                                            Floyd Wilson*
*                                            Arthur Collins*
*                                            Chris Taylor*
*Board of Inquiry Alternate (2 positions) - Bill Bimrose*
*                                                          Michael Woods*
*Nominating Committee
*                                                       George Markos*
*                                                       Maugh Vail*
* *
*Nominations from the floor can be made the day of the meeting.*
 Thank you Bill Bimrose, George Markos, & Maugh Vail for volunteering
your  time and effort in getting this  list together

 Michelle Testa
AWDF Secretary

Here is the final lineup for the FCI FH World Championship Team to compete in Vranov nad Toplou, Slovakia on April 10-13, 2008. The website is

  •   Andres Aportela, Team Leader
  •    Daniel Trevino with Ghandi vom Kessler Kruez GSD  
  • Al Govednik and Hex Aites Bohemia GSD 

Congratulations to them for making the team and we wish the podium for all their efforts.
Please pass this email to your members so they can share in the countdown.

02-01-08 Nominating committee selected for 2008 election

To: Delegates
From: AWDF Secretary Michelle Testa

George Markos, Bill Bimrose, and Maugh Vail have agreed to be our nominating committee for the upcoming election.

According to the constitution and by laws:

Section VI. Officers

B. Officers and at-large delegates serve two-year terms. The president,
treasurer and two at-large delegates are elected in even years. The
secretary, vice-president and one at-large delegate are elected in odd

Up for election in 2008:
The President
 2 Delegates

George's email is:
Bill's email is:
Maugh's email is:
 Please forward this information to your member clubs. If anyone would  be interested in running for  the available positions they must contact  the nominating committee.

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