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American Working Dog Federation

Welcome New Clubs

The AWDF welcomes the WBC (Beauceron) and USCA (German Shepherd) as our newest member clubs!

The 2025 AWDF IGP Championship

Information Coming Soon!


Though AWDF is exploring options to raise greater funds for future championships, our options are limited, therefore we are providing an additional opportunity for the public to donate funds guaranteed to go directly and exclusively to the Championship host club.

How do I run for the AWDF board?

If you are interested in running for a position, please fill out the petition for nomination/endorsement form by the required date.
You must be a member in good standing of a full member club of the AWDF to be eligible to run for office.

Please visit the "How To Page" and scroll down to the "Individual/Handler information" section and "How do I run for the AWDF board?"
Completed nomination forms must be received by the Nominating Committee by Feb 17, 2024. A short resume to educate everyone on the candidate’s qualifications is optional but will be helpful to those who will be voting.