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AWDF IGP Championship

FCI Championships


To qualify for the FCI IGP Championship, the dog and handler must finish in the top seven at the AWDF IGP Championship, be eligible as per AWDF and FCI rules, and submit their completed FCI IGP Declaration and FCI IGP Committment forms by the required deadlines.

You must submit a commitment letter (link above) for the AWDF FCI IGP Championship Team along with $250.00 deposit the AWDF Secretary within five days of receiving a notice from us that you have made the AWDF FCI IGP  Team.


To qualify for the FCI FH Championship, the FCI FH Declaration must be submitted by December 15 of the calendar year before the IGP-FH World Championship you are submitting for. You may use up to four (4) passing IGP-FH scores earned in the previous 12 months at any AWDF accepted event (includes international FCI organizations). If a club offers multiple IGP-FH trials, the handler may declare only one of the scores earned at that club’s trials. If there is a tie for total points (in the following point system) then the highest pass/fail ratio for ALL IGP-FH trials in the past 12 months will break the tie. If there is still a tie then it will go to total points (from trial scores) of the submitted trials (max 4). If still tied, the spot will go to the youngest dog.
V – 8 Points
SG – 7 Points
G – 6 Points
S – 4 Points.
One extra point for scores earned at the prior year’s FCI IGP-FH Championship.
One extra point for scores earned at any AWDF breed or sport club’s national championship if the IGP-FH is open to all breeds.

You must submit a FCI FH Commitment Letter for the AWDF FCI FH Championship Team along with $250.00 deposit within five days of receiving a notice from us that you have made the AWDF FCI FH Championship Team.


Mondioring criteria can be found on the USMRA website: 

FCI Team Captain Guidlines

AWDF IGP Judges Program

AWDF Judges Program Guidelines

Submitting New Policies

Dec. 8, 2020
AWDF delegates are encouraged to contribute to the governance of the AWDF by submitting ideas for new programs and policies for consideration by the AWDF Executive Board. The AWDF expects that when a member organization’s delegate brings a proposal for action to the AWDF that the proposal has been reviewed and approved by the member organization and is not a recommendation from the individual delegate.

Accepted Scorebooks, Memberships, and Titles for AWDF Member Clubs

  • What scorebooks are accepted at AWDF member clubs’ events?
    • AWDF member clubs accept scorebooks from AWDF member organizations and the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA). Scorebooks from any international FCI recognized organization are also accepted. Individual AWDF clubs may have further restrictions for their regionals, championships, etc.
    • As part of the agreement the WGSDPA reached with USCA, USCA will recognize and accept WGSDPA scorebooks.
  • Why are GSDCA scorebooks accepted?
    • GSDCA is recognized by the FCI even though they are not a member of the AWDF.
  • Are USCA scorebooks accepted for breeds other than GSDs?
    • USCA scorebooks issued after January 1, 2019 to other breeds are not accepted. See below about mixed breeds.
  • Is there a rule for the issuing of scorebooks by AWDF member clubs?
    • As of January 1, 2019 scorebooks for breeds for which there is an AWDF member breed club can only be issued by that breed club. However, any club can issue a scorebook to a dog that doesn’t have a breed club (for example a border collie) or to a dog that would be listed as a mix (for example, a GSD can receive a scorebook from the AWMA if listed as a mix). Sport clubs (DVG, USMRA, ARSA, AHBA) can issue scorebooks to any breed of dog. Check with each club as to their requirements to obtain scorebooks.
  • Are handlers allowed to submit their DVG scorebook along with another FCI/AWDF scorebook at an AWDF member club’s trial?
    • Yes, the judge must sign both scorebooks.
  • What memberships are accepted to enter AWDF member club trials?
    • The handler must be a member of an AWDF member club and submit their membership card/information with their entry. There may be further restrictions for entry at AWDF member club regional and national championships.
  • What titles are accepted by AWDF member clubs and to enter the AWDF IGP Championship?
    • USCA trial results and titles after October 1, 2019 until December 6, 2022 cannot be accepted by other AWDF clubs or to enter the AWDF IGP Championship or to qualify for the FCI IGP FH team.
    • To enter the AWDF National Championship or any other AWDF member club’s trials for a given level, all prior titles in the title progression chain must be AWDF recognized.
    • Titles earned at GSDCA trials are allowed. GSDCA has accepted USCA titles.
    • If the last title in progression was issued at a GSDCA trial, prior titles from USCA earned from October 1, 2019 to December 6, 2022 are accepted for entry into the AWDF National Championship and other AWDF member club’s trials.
    • USCA has agreed to retroactively accept DVG titles.
    • Dogs may earn their IGP 3 at the AWDF IGP Championship if they have an accepted IGP 2 title.
  • What are the requirements to enter FCI World Championships?
    • Dogs must have an FCI recognized registration and pedigree and meet all other FCI and specific event qualifications.
    • IGP dogs must have finished in the top 7 at the AWDF IGP Championship which is the FCI team qualifier.
    • IGP-FH dogs must have attained at least one accepted IGP-FH title.
    • Mondioring and Search and Rescue competitors must follow the rules of those organizations and qualify through their processes.
    • Entrants must follow AWDF, member club (Mondioring and ARSA) and FCI declaration and commitment requirements.

Member Club Information

Individual/Handler Information