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AWDF Championship

When and where is this year’s championship?   

How do I enter the AWDF Championship?

How does my club submit a bid to host the Championship?  When there is a call for bids, submit information including proposed dates, location, information on venue and tracking, host hotel, and any other information that will facilitate a decision to the AWDF Secretary.  Preference will be given to bids that use a stadium for phases B and C.  

How do we host the Championship?  Hosting Club Event Guide

FCI Championships

How do I declare for the FCI IGP and FCI IGP-FH championships?
You must submit a Letter of Commitment AWDF FCI IPO / IPO-FH Championship Team
along with $250.00 deposit the AWDF Secretary within five days of receiving a notice from us that you have made the AWDF FCI IPO or FCI IPO-FH Championship Team

To apply for the FH team, fill out this form: FCI IGP-FH Declaration Form

Mondioring criteria can be found on the USMRA website: 

Member club information

How does my club apply to join AWDF?  Club Membership Application

How do we order scorebooks? 

Use this order form.

How do we request an FCI judge? Fill out the request form and send it to the AWDF Secretary.

What scorebooks can we accept for AWDF-affiliated trials?  

You can accept the following scorebooks:

  • Those issued by any FCI recognized entity, including any AWDF member club.  
  • UScA scorebooks issued to German Shepherd Dogs by UScA before October 1, 2019 and validated by the WGSDPA

You cannot accept UScA scorebooks issued to dogs that are represented by a breed club in the AWDF other than the WGSDPA, or any UScA scorebooks issued after October 1, 2019. 

Handler information

How can I find local clubs?   See the links to maps of local clubs on the Member Clubs page.

How do I run for the AWDF board?   If you are interested in running for a position, send your petition for nomination and nomination letter to the designated person in the Nomination Committee by the required date.  You must be a member in good standing of a full member club of the AWDF to be eligible to run for office. Petition for Nomination: Board and Committee Members 

How do I get an AWDF scorebook?  Order the scorebook from your AWDF Member Club. 

Where can I find the FCI rules for IGP? International Utility Dogs Regulations (IGP) for the international Utility dog trials, international Tracking dog trial, international Companion dog trial, international Article search trials, international Endurance trial of the FCI (valid as from 01/01/2019) 

Where can I find the FCI rules for Mondio?  Rules of Mondioring Competition