AWDF Clubs,

Please forward this to any National level Helpers you know who may be interested in trying out for the 2019 AWDF National Championship.

The 2019 AWDF National Championship will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 29-31, hosted by Arkansas Schutzhund Club.

Helpers will be chosen by the AWDF Helper Selection Committee and notified a minimum of (30) days prior to our Championship.

One day prior to the event we will have helper tryouts and our protection judge will select who works IPO1-2, IPO3 front, IPO3 back.

Please send a copy of your Helper Books, Resume, and some Video of your work directly to Ted Hartman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ted will be serving as Chairman of the Helper Selection Committee, so feel free to contact him with any questions.

Best Regards,

Ted Hartman,
AWDF Director at Large

Effective January 1, 2019: Along with a completed application form, all clubs applying for membership in the AWDF must provide the first year’s dues along with a one-time initiation fee of $1 per member.

Passed unanimously

Effective January 1, 2019: Scorebooks must be acquired from the dog’s specific AWDF member breed club or an all-breed sporting club (Mondioring, LV/DVG, AHBA) to specify the breed in the scorebook. Otherwise the breed ID will be listed as MIX BREED. Procedures established by the individual member organizations for documenting the breed of the dog must be followed. If there is no breed club for a specific breed of dog, any AWDF member breed or sport club can issue a scorebook to that dog provided that proof of registration with an FCI recognized organization is provided.

Passed unanimously

This means (for example) that after January 1, 2019, a Rottweiler must obtain their scorebook from USRC, LV/DVG, USMRA or AHBA to have the dog listed as a Rottweiler. If the scorebook is issued by AWMA, UDC, etc. it would be listed as a mix. Scorebooks issued before January 1, 2019 can continue to be used; there is no need to obtain a new book.

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Board of Inquiry (BOI) Recommendation and AWDF Executive Board Actions

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