Ballot opens 2:00 PM 01/5/2016 est

Ballot closes 2:00 PM 01/12/2016 est

The Executive Board is seeking delegate approval for the use of $1500 to retain John Wilkins / Global Live Website to redesign the AWDF website and an additional $150 for hosting fees for a total of $1650 (see attached statement).

All votes are to be sent to the AWDF Secretary – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please remember according to our constitution and by-law, Article IV – E each club has only 1(one) vote

Guest status members may not vote.

Results Executive Board President – Yes, Vice President- Yes Secretary – Yes,Treasurer – Yes 3 DAL – Yes USCA – Yes, LV/DVG – Yes, WDSAA – Yes UDC - Yes, AHBA – Yes, USBOX – Yes NAWBA – Yes, FEDAB – Yes, AWMA – Yes, WPBTCA- Yes, Cane Corso- Yes, Mondio- Yes WRSF- Yes USRC – NO RESPONSE