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AWMA Local Clubs

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Hell\'s Kitchen Schutzhund Club: 33.733800, -117.765000
All Canine Working Dog Club: 33.870800, -117.929000
Nomad Schutzhund Club: 38.440500, -122.714000
Ouray Working Malinois Club affiliate status: 38.022800, -107.671000
Podium Belgian Shepherd Working Dog Club: 39.388200, -77.885600
Lone Star Working Dog Club : 29.743800, -98.453100
DFW Malinois Club: 32.776300, -96.796900
Maverick Sporthund: 32.953700, -96.890300
OG Pablo: 36.302600, -82.879600
Lake Valley Working Malinois Club: 36.154300, -83.704100
Lafayette Working Dog Club: 30.237900, -92.180200
Spirit Working Dog Club: 28.018900, -82.114700
The Florida Working Dog Club: 29.826900, -82.596800
New England Working Malinois Association: 44.547900, -73.155900
Three Mountains Working Dog Club: 40.419800, -77.187100
Allgemeiner: 40.804800, -73.336200
OG Gartenstaat: 40.202400, -74.408000
Tri-State IGP Working Dog Club: 40.328400, -74.790700
The Society for the Preservation of the Working Mechlese Herder: 39.452300, -74.727700
Southern New Hampshire Working Malinois Club: 42.946500, -71.515900
Metro Detroit Schutzhund and Police K9: 42.084900, -83.683000
Pure Michigan Dogsports: 43.075600, -85.609200
KC Working Dog Club: 37.912000, -90.708200
Seacoast Working Dogs: 42.442300, -70.966600
Cape Cod Schutzhund Club: 41.731800, -70.820000
Man O\'War Working Dog Club: 38.046400, -84.497000
Motor City Working Dogs: 36.990300, -86.443600
New Haven AWMA: 41.073300, -85.017300
Aim High Dogsports: 39.997300, -86.345800
OG Indianapolis: 39.613700, -86.106700
Team Windy City: 41.641100, -88.447300
No Way Jose\'s Working Dog Club: 39.845400, -88.952400
Midwest Working Dog Association: 41.616000, -87.529600
Connecticut Working Malinois Club: 41.481800, -72.681200
Cascade Working Belgian Shepherd Dog Club: 47.045100, -122.895000
Big Sky Working Dogs: 45.680000, -111.045000
Freedom Working Dogs affiliate status: 38.615400, -95.267800
Granite State Working Dogs: 43.910800, -69.820900
Maverick Sporthund: 32.953700, -96.890300
C3 Hundesport: 27.747700, -97.401400

Aim High Dogsports
Whitestown, IN
Contact:  Randy Campbell

All Canine Working Dog Club
Fullerton, CA
Contact:  Katie Finlay Website: All Canine WDC

Dix Hills, NY
Contact:  Olga Baram

Big Sky Working Dogs
Bozeman, MT
Contact: Donna Negaard

Corpus Christi, TX

Joseph Stewart

Cape Cod Schutzhund Club
Rochester, MA
Contact: Angela Rachmaciej

Cascade Working Belgian Shepherd Dog Club
Olympia, WA
Contact: Les Flores

Connecticut Working Malinois Club
Durham, CT
Contact:  David Caruso

DFW Malinois Club
Dallas, TX
Contact:  Randall Hoadley

Freedom Working Dogs affiliate status
Ottawa, KS
Contact: Malinda Weber

Granite State Working Dogs
Bath, ME
Contact Teri Robinson

Hell's Kitchen Schutzhund Club
Vacaville, CA
Contact: Sandra Rushing

KC Working Dog Club
Summit, MO
Contact:  Eric West

Lafayette Working Dog Club
Duson, LA
Contact:  Dreagan Sinegal

Lake Valley Working Malinois Club
Blaine, TN
Contact: Vicki Keller

Lone Star Working Dog Club
Bulverde, TX
Contact: Ann Putegnat

Man O'War Working Dog Club
Lexington, KY
Contact:  Andrew Booth

Maverick Sporthund
Carollton, TX
Contact:  Jerrett Harris

Maverick Sporthund
Carollton, TX
Contact: Jerrett Haris

Metro Detroit Schutzhund and Police K9
Milan, MI
Contact:  John Bochenek

Midwest Working Dog Association
Calumet City, IL
Contact:  Angie Stark

Motor City Working Dogs
Bowling Green, KY
Contact: John Wiitanen

New England Working Malinois Association
Colchester, VT
Contact:  Monty Ellison

New Haven AWMA
New Haven, IN
Contact:  Ron Byers

No Way Jose's Working Dog Club
Decatur, IL
Contact:  Jose Rodriguez

Nomad Schutzhund Club
Vacaville and Santa Rosa, CA
Contact: Jim Downey

OG Gartenstaat
Millstone Township, NJ
Contact:  Mark Saccoccio

OG Indianapolis
Greenwood, IN
Contact:  Mike Diehl

OG Pablo
Woodlawn, TN

Ouray Working Malinois Club affiliate status
Salida, CO
Contact: Marsha Boggs Ouray Working Dog Club

Podium Belgian Shepherd Working Dog Club
Kearneysville, WV 25430
Contact: Sabine Ernsting Website:

Pure Michigan Dogsports
Belmont, MI
Contact:  Claire Ransom

Seacoast Working Dogs
North Shore, MA
Contact:  Brigette Deitz

Southern New Hampshire Working Malinois Club
Bedford, NH
Contact:  Kjersti Daabakk

Spirit Working Dog Club
Plant City, FL
Contact:  Ivan Balabanov

Team Windy City
Yorkville, IL
Contact:  Greg Doud

The Florida Working Dog Club
High Springs FL  32643
Contact: Michael Rivers

The Society for the Preservation of the Working Mechlese Herder
Mays Landing, NJ
Contact:  Susan Miller

Three Mountains Working Dog Club
New Bloomfield, PA
Contact: Carol Karchnak

Tri-State IGP Working Dog Club
Pennington, NJ
Contact:  Sydney Bates,