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Communication from the FCI regarding FCI Judges

FCI judges appointments at non FCI events
Dear FCI Members and Contract Partners,
In principle, the FCI does not comment on any proceedings in which the FCI was not involved. However, further to the letter or the WUSV dated 24 September 2020, the FCI feels compelled to clarify the WUSV statements after having consulted its legal advisors and competition law experts from Osborne Clarke (see official communication).
The interim proceeding was ultimately decided in favour of the VDH by the higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf and the three claimants have lost the case. The Court also emphasized in its written explanations of the judgement that the regulations – as intended by the FCI from the outset – are in line with competition law. Based on the limited facts that the Court could take Into consideration in the interim proceeding, the Court only explained that the regulations cannot prevent Judges from officiating events outside the FCI sphere, if they do hot act in their capacity as FCI Judges. Therefore, in their capacity as FCI Judges, they are stiII not allowed to officiate at non-FCI events run according to non-FCI regulations and they are not allow to grant qualifications, rankings, titles or awards that give the appearance of recognition by the FCI.
In the light of the above the FCI General Committee decided on the occasion of online meeting on 3-4 September 2020 to clarify the understanding of some of its regulations (that will be republished in the next few weeks) in terms of FCI judges appointments at non-FCI events in order to prevent further misunderstandings.
The FCI regulations state that FCI judges are permitted to officiate in their capacity as FCI Judges and grant FCI-recognised awards/titles at any event organised by an FCI NCO or its affiliated clubs and also at any event organized by an FCI Cooperating partner or its affiliated clubs provided that the responsible NCO has authorised it.
For the avoidance of doubt, judges listed as FCI judges may – to the extent that they do not act in their capacity as FCI Judges – officiate at working tests and  shows organised by institutions or clubs affiliated to such institutions that do not have any connection to the FCI. As a matter of fact, the judges can officiate at non-FCI events run according to the regulations of the respective institution. However, they are not allowed to  grant  qualifications, rankings, titles  or  awards  that  give  the appearance of acknowledgment by the FCI (for example the results and awards obtained by the dogs at such events do not give any right to any future FCl-related registration of any offspring or these dogs). In addition the Judges shall make it sufficiently clear that they do not act in their capacity as FCI judges at any such event.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. T.Jakkel                           Y. DeClerq
President                                Executive Director

2020 AWDF IGP Championship cancelled.

The AWDF National IGP Championship scheduled for August 12-16 has been cancelled due to COVID-19 related concerns. Refunds for trophy donations and entries have been issued. We all regret that this has happened, but understand that ensuring the health and safety of our dogsport community is of highest concern.

2020 AWDF General Board meeting and election scheduled.

In light of the cancellation of the 2020 AWDF IGP Championship, the general board meeting will be held by telephone the morning of August 15, 2020. The elections will take place electronically shortly thereafter, with the new slate of officers and committee members to take their positions on September 15. Any questions should be sent to your respective club delegate(s).

Meeting Agenda

The Helper Academy

The Helper Academy (“THA”)  was established to document, archive and facilitate the dissemination of broad information regarding Phase C to ensure that the helper and handler are aware of the judge’s expectations and requirements in this arguably most important phase (when there is a tie, the higher protection score determines first place).

New website launched. 

The new website has been a collective effort of the AWDF Executive Board with particular thanks to Annetta Cheek. Note the new maps that designate the location of AWDF member organizations’ local clubs, reorganized content, and a more mobile device friendly design.

Brian Aghajani Photography.
Brian Aghajani Photography.
Brian Aghajani Photography.