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Thank you KUSTOM KRATES for becoming an AWDF Sponsor!

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Representing the United States/AWDF at the2017 FCI IPO FH Championship
Sondra Rolison
Click on the photo to help support her journey to this amazing event!

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The American Working Dog Federation does not support the decision to remove stick hits from the protection phase of the 2017 FCI IPO Championship and is opposed to revisions of the FCI rules that remove stick hits.

2017 AWDF All Breed IPO Championship
April 6-9th
Bowling Green Kentucky

Host: Motor City Working Dogs
Phase A: USCA  Michael Caputo 
Phase B: GSDCC  Raino Fluegge
Phase C: FCI  Pentti Rapila


On to the FCI World Championships!

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Congrats to our team!!
Ivan Balabanov - Ebor ot Vitosha
Mario S. Gomes - Caribou vox Meinerz
Steve Gregalunas - Quade ot Vitosha
Tim Karchnak - Monty Extra Temperament
Brigette Carlson - Moolah ot Vitosha
Thank you to Markus Neutz for acting as our TEAM Capt.!
American Working Dog Federation

The American Working Dog Federation (AWDF) was founded on June 17, 1989 in St. Louis, Missouri. Its ongoing purpose is to develop awareness in the United States of the need to provide a strong foundation for, and to represent the working dog throughout the world.

The AWDF provides a platform for organizations dedicated to preserving the working characteristics of their breeds.

Mission and Goals

The goals shared by all member clubs of the AWDF include:

  • To preserve and protect the working heritage and character of the various working breeds.
  • To have American working titles recorded and recognized internationally and to preserve our pedigree system. All member clubs either have developed or are in the process of developing registry systems that meet the international standard.
  • To become affiliated with the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI). The FCI, a world recognized organization, acknowledges just one registry per nation. The AWDF is an applicant member of FCI. Presently, the AWDF participates as a guest member at FCI meetings and invitational events.